Find a Preschool Color Activity or Craft to Teach Colors

Find the right color activity or color craft for your preschooler or toddler. Teaching colors to your preschooler or toddler can be easy and entertaining.

Create, learn, and HAVE FUN!

Learning colors is one of the fundemental lessons in early childhood education. If you're a preschool teacher, you can find activities for learning colors that your entire class will enjoy. If you're a parent, you can find ideas to extend the color learning to everyday.

Kids learn best when concepts and ideas are incorporated into their everyday. Using a color activity reinforces their learning and makes so much more sense to them then simply using flash cards or memorization. Be sure to focus on one color at a time (a "color of the week" is a great way to do this) and to periodically review colors already learned.

Have students (or your kids at home) wear the "color of the day." They'll see the color on themselves, each other, and you through out the day.

Create a "color feast." Serve lunch, dinner, or a snack all in the color you are teaching (for some colors you can cheat and use a little food coloring in your favorite food)...

  • Orange- carrots, mac & cheese, goldfish crackers, orange sherbet, cantelope
  • Green- green salad with cucumbers, green peppers, brocoli
  • Red- spaghetti with sauce, licorice, red peppers, strawberries
  • Yellow- plain noodles, bananas, corn, yellow cake

Use colors for clean-up to practice all of the colors (and to practice self-help skills.) Place bins with colored labels or large sheets of colored paper around the room. Tell your preschooler to play the "color game" and place the toys that match in each bin or on each sheet. Easy and fun clean-up and this color activity also works early math skills like matching and sorting.

Many preschool sorting activities help your child to practice identifying and matching colors. Use a muffin tin, veggie tray, or any container with multiple compartments and let your preschooler sort... buttons, craft pom poms, small toys, fruit snacks (before she eats them!), or scraps of fabric and paper are all inexpensive (or free) and work great!

Creating with hands-on color activities will teach colors and creativity while working on fine motor skills needed for writing.

This color craft works for an entire preschool class or for toddlers and preschoolers at home.

  • Practice cutting skills by having your preschooler find and cut out magazine pictures that are the "color of the week."
  • Provide a large sheet of construction paper in the "color of the week."
  • Have your child (or each child in your class) create a color collage by gluing all of the pictures onto the sheet of paper.
  • Work on identifying words and early reading skills by printing the name of each color at the top of the collage.

An easy craft for toddlers and preschoolers to practice their colors while creating...
  • Provide various shades of paint (or crayons/ markers) for the "color of the week."
  • Have your preschooler or toddler paint a large sheet of paper using his choice of paint.
  • Allow to dry and write the name of the color at the top of the sheet.
  • Display and talk about the color/ painting all week.
There are many variations of this color craft...
  • Paint a smaller sheet of paper or paper plate each week. At the end of your color unit, staple or tie all of the colors together for an individual "book of colors."
  • Try to coordinate learning colors with specific holidays (green- St. Patricks Day, orange- Halloween) and cut (or have older preschoolers cut) dried paintings into appropriate shapes (shamrocks, pumpkins, etc.)

Many other preschool crafts help teach colors... create red hearts for Valentines Day, and pink flowers for spring. Or learn about mixing colors with an easy preachool science activity.

ENJOY! And, as always, please feel free to contribute your own color activity.

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