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Fun Filled Easter Baskets to Help your Preschooler have Fun AND Learn!

It's Easter... time for the Easter bunny to fill all those Easter baskets and Easter eggs full of candy... right? WRONG!

Although your kids will love a little Easter candy, there are so many other great Easter gift ideas for your preschooler or toddler.

Great Easter Gift Ideas
Easter baskets can be inexpensive, educational, and FUN! Really!

Bubbles... great fun for kids of all ages AND they teach hand-eye coordination (pop away!)

Jump Rope... although most toddlers and preschoolers can't master jumping rope, there are many other uses. Use a jump rope as a finish line in races, a "tight rope" for a circus act, a "river" to jump over in an obstacle course, or to make and practice shapes.

Hula Hoop... a favorite of most toddlers and preschoolers I know. Hula Hoops can be rolled, jumped through, danced in, spun, and walked around.

Sunglasses...other than keeping your child's eyes safe in the sunny months, sunglasses are great fun for pretend play.

Arts and Craft Supplies... it always seems like we need more of these. Creative kids go through tons of markers, crayons, pads of paper, glue sticks, and stickers.

Books... can a kid ever have too many? My kids are each getting a set of their favorites this Easter.

Sidewalk chalk... now that the weather is getting warmer, take the arts and crafts outdoors. Sidewalk chalk is great for drawing, but also for creating race tracks, obstacle courses, and practicing writing.

Gift Ideas for Easter Eggs
Looking for ideas other than candy to fill eggs for your Easter Egg hunt this year?

Stickers... kids love 'em! Take a sheet and cut out individual stickers to fit inside eggs

Fruit snacks... my oldest thought these were "candy" until he was 3 (those poor first born children!) Just put one in each egg and toddlers will go crazy.

Coins... nickels, dimes, pennies, quarters. As long as your preschooler is old enough to keep them out of her mouth, help her start filling her piggy bank.

LEGOs... buy a small set (like a car) for your preschooler and put individual pieces in each egg. Once he finds all his eggs, he can put the LEGOs together!

Hair Bows and Play Jewelry... can a girl ever have enough?

A couple of great ideas for fair and low stress Easter Egg Hunts (I've learned from 6 years of multiple events!)
  • Tell each child to look for one color of egg
  • Give kids a certain number of eggs to find (make sure they can count that high!)
  • Hide eggs for the "little kids" in the middle of the yard and older kids around the outside

Celebrate Easter with fun Easter crafts, Easter music, and Easter activities. Your preschooler can make her own Easter basket, create Easter cards that grandparents will love, do activities with Easter eggs, and have lots of FUN!

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