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Fun Ideas for Preschool Learning Activities with an Easter Theme

Looking for preschool learning activities with an Easter theme?

Whether you are a preschool teacher or a parent of a preschooler... using an Easter theme with preschool learning activities can help your child learn, have fun, and celebrate this spring holiday.

Set up stations around the room and let your preschooler or toddler explore the different activities. He can create Easter bunnies, practice concentration, learn shapes, and work on early math skills.

Wondering how Easter activities and preschool skills can be combined?

  • Shape: OVAL (eggs, bunny ears, flower petals)
  • Letter: “B” (baskets, bunnies)
  • Pre-math Skills: Sorting, counting, and patterns with eggs and jellybeans
  • Pre-writing Activities: Easter crafts, coloring eggs
  • Gross Motor Skill: Hopping

Egg Matching and Patterns
  • Egg carton
  • Plastic Easter eggs
To Play
This Easter activity can be played several ways…
  1. To work on matching and colors place different colors of eggs in the top row of the carton. Place the matches in a pile. Have your preschooler place the matching eggs in the second row. You can also ask him to tell you the color as he matches.
  2. To work on patterns place the beginning of a pattern in the carton (example: blue, green, blue, green, blue…) and have your child finish the pattern.
What is Learned
  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Matching

Writing Eggs
Supplies To Play
  1. Print out template
  2. Have your preschooler work on her pre-writing skills by tracing the lines and shapes. She can also color the egg and make an Easter decoration from this learning activity.
  3. You can also have her practice without the lines using the directions on the Easter crafts page.
What is Learned and Practiced
  • Fine motor skills
  • Concentration
  • Creativity

Felt Board
  • Felt board or large piece of felt
  • Felt ovals in various sizes and colors
To Play
This learning activity can be used in many ways:
  1. Work on creativity and problem solving by having your preschooler create flowers, bunnies, or other Easter and spring scenes from the ovals
  2. Practice colors, sizes, and sorting by asking preschoolers to group by color or size
  3. Practice ordering and sizes by having your preschooler place “eggs” from biggest to smallest
What is Learned and Practiced
  • Pre-math skills (size, order, grouping, sorting, matching)
  • Colors and shapes
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving

Easter Egg Hunt
  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Basket
  • Bunny ears optional : )
To Play
  1. Hide Easter eggs around one room (take turns with your preschooler)
  2. Hide 10 eggs and your preschooler will practice counting to 10 each time she finds the eggs
  3. If you have more than one child playing… hide 2 different colors of eggs and have each child find their own color (or have each child find a certain number)
What is Learned and Practiced
  • Colors
  • Numbers and counting
  • Creativity (you’ll love to see where she picks to hide the eggs next!)
  • Perseverance (hide a few of the eggs in more challenging places)

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