Frozen Party Ideas

Do you wanna build a snowman? Here are some fun and easy Frozen party ideas to make your Frozen birthday party a huge hit! Disney's Frozen is popular among preschoolers, elementary kids, and preteens alike. Use these fun Frozen party games, decorations, and crafts for YOUR Frozen fan! Whether you are looking for Frozen decorations or games, Frozen crafts or favors, look below for easy instructions and ideas.

Olaf Snowball Toss

Materials: trifold board, colored paper, curling ribbon, markers, "snowballs", painters/ masking tape, glue or tape, scissors


  1. Draw Olaf on trifold board (he doesn't have to be perfect!)
  2. Trace & cut out 2-3 circles above Olaf
  3. Cut several balloon shapes from the colored paper & attach to trifold
  4. Attach curling ribbon for balloon strings
  5. Place a line of painters tape on floor for players to stand behind to toss snowballs
  6. Make/ buy "snowballs"... balled up (clean) socks, craft pom poms, bean bags

To play: Each player takes turns tossing snowballs through Olaf's balloons!

Frozen Olaf Party Game

Materials: rolls of toilet paper, colored paper, scissors, tape


  1. Cut-out an orange carrot nose, 2 black eyes, 3 black buttons, and 1 mouth for each team of snowman makers
  2. Place double sided or rolled tape on the back of each of the above
  3. Set-up 1 roll of toilet paper and the paper cut-outs in a separate space for each team

To play:

  • Divide the players into teams of 3-4
  • Explain that each team is going to use Elsa's magic to turn one of their players into Olaf by wrapping that player in toilet paper & adding Olaf's eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons
  • Play can be for fun or winners can be awarded based on first team finished or best snowman

Other Frozen party games and activities include:

  • Freeze small toys in ice and "excavate" with toothpicks
  • Set-up karaoke with your favorite Frozen party tunes
  • Doing a winter theme? Play indoor winter games
  • Doing a summer theme? Set-up a limbo game.
  • Have party guests make their own snowflakes from coffee filters or paper.
  • Feeling ambitious? Make Elsa or Anna capes for each party guest.
  • For easy Frozen party favors: "Make your Own Snow" science kits (available at the Dollar Store),  "Snow Caps" candy, anything with a "Thanks for Coming to my Frozen Party! I had SNOW much Fun!" tags.

Frozen Party Decor

Looking for easy Frozen party ideas for decorations? Many of party stores are now carrying Elsa, Olaf, and Anna decorations or you can use a winter party theme for your Frozen birthday party. Blue, white, and silver decorations are an easy combination to create a winter theme. Here are more easy ideas for winter or Frozen party d├ęcor:

  • Cut snowflakes from paper or coffee filters & hang them around doorways, on ceilings, from light fixtures
  • Use tulle or wired ribbon to decorate staircases & doorways
  • Use a combination of white and light and dark blue balloons
  • Use a combination of white and blue paper lanterns for pretty Frozen party decorations
  • Use luau decorations for a summer Frozen party (what will happen to Olaf "in Summmmerrrr?)
  • Create a Frozen castle out of PVC pipe and white fabric

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