Fun, Easy, and FABULOUS Gifts for Kids to Make

Need easy gifts for kids to make? Grandparents, teachers, moms, dads, and friends all love to receive homemade gifts from toddlers and preschoolers. Tons of easy and fun preschool crafts and toddler crafts make great homemade gifts.

Here are a few more easy ideas for homemade Christmas gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Valentine gifts, and other gifts for kids to make. Simply change the paint color, stickers, or the wording to any holiday or theme. Enjoy!

Gifts for Teachers
Fathers Day Gifts

Flowers in a Vase

What mom, grandma, or aunt wouldn't love to receive this handmade gift? All it takes is a glass or plastic container (recycled "drinkable yogurt" containers or glass jelly jars work great), a few artificial or real flowers that fit the occasion, and some imagination...

  • Paint a jar. Add sand to the paint for a texture.
  • Themed stickers are easy for a toddler to use to decorate
  • Have extra preschool artwork? Cut it to size and tape around the container.
  • Allow your preschooler to pick out and arrange the flowers
  • Make it ready to give by adding ribbon and a gift tag

Standing Picture Display & Card

A great gift for kids to make for any occasion... display pictures, artwork, and the personalities of each of your children. Perfect for mom or dad's desk at work!

  • You need: 3 equally sized pieces of sturdy paper (we used 3 half sheets of white cardstock), art supplies to decorate (stickers, cutouts, markers), tape, and a picture of each of your children
  • Allow each child to decorate, draw, or write whatever they would like for the occasion (for my husband's Valentine gift- my son made a "heart monster", my 3 year old did her "signature" swirls and doodles, and I cut my toddler's scribbles into a heart)
  • Flip the paper over and tape the sections together
  • Fold together and tie with a ribbon for a perfect presentation!

Handmade Flowers

Melt the heart of your favorite mom or teacher. Create a vase or pot of handmade flowers from all of her children or students. You need: Paper, scissors, container or vase, craft sticks or straws, stapler/glue/tape, photo.

To create the photo flowers:

  • Cut strips of paper and staple or tape into 5-7 loops
  • Staple all of the loops in the center to form a flower
  • Glue a circular photo into the center
  • Tape a straw or craft stick to the back and place in a vase or container
To create the handprint flowers:
  • Trace your preschooler's or toddler's hands and cut out
  • Glue two hands together to form a flower
  • Tape a straw or craft stick to the back and place in a vase or container (play dough or clay in the bottom helps to hold all of the flowers in place)

Popsicle Stick Frame

Another easy preschool craft that is an easy gift for kids to make! You need: 6 large craft sticks, glue, a photo, and paint, markers and/or stickers.

  • Glue craft sticks together leaving a space large enough for the picture (when my son was 4, he did this with a little help from me)
  • Once dry, have your preschooler or toddler decorate (I love the foamy stickers- especially the letters- you can buy at craft and discount stores)
  • Tape the photo to the back of the frame and you're done!

Plaster of Paris Handprint

There are so many variations of this preschool craft... we all love to receive a reminder of just how little our toddlers or preschoolers are and just how quickly they grow.

For this version, you need: a small, stong paper plate, plaster of paris, water, and paint.

  • Mix plaster according to directions
  • Pour a think layer into the plate (enough for a handprint, but not overflowing!)
  • Gently press your child's hand into the plaster
  • Once dry, have your preschooler or toddler paint his handprint (red for Valentine's Day, gold for Christmas...)
  • For easy hanging, before beginning, poke a hole in the plate and loop a ribbon through
  • Be sure to write (or have your child write) his name and date on the back

Easy Homemade Chip Clip

If you need a last minute, quick gift for your preschooler to make, this is it! Everyone can use another chip clip and anyone would be thrilled to get their very own created and personalized by your preschooler.

  • You need a clothes pin, markers or paint, and embellishments (we used foamy stickers, but you can also glue on craft jewels or wooden shapes)
  • Use marker or paint to color the clothes pin
  • Decorate with stickers, glue on embellishments, or personalize with more markers and paint
  • How easy is that?


A super easy and versatile homemade gift. You need: an approximately 2" x 6" piece of heavy paper, supplies to decorate, and ribbon.

  • Give your preschooler or toddler complete freedom to add stickers, draw pictures, or scribble
  • To further personalize, glue on a small picture or saying
  • If you want to string ribbon through the top, use a hole punch to make a hole
  • For a longer lasting bookmark, take it to your copy shop and have it laminated or do it yourself using clear contact paper

Handprint Wreath

More easy gifts for kids to make. This wreath can be made to fit any occasion by changing the colors of paint. You need: paint and a surface on which to put the handprints (a shirt, stiff felt for a wall hanging, paper).

  • To make this less messy, place a thin layer of paint on a paper plate
  • Have your child dip her hands lightly in the paint and then press onto surface in shape of a wreath... fingers pointing out (hands may need to be recoated each time)
  • Dip fingers in a contrasting color to make berries for Christmas or flowers for Mother's Day
  • Allow to dry

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