Create a Kids Garden to Teach and "Grow" your Child

Planting a kids garden teaches your child about plants and what plants need to grow. It also teaches your preschooler important ideas like delayed gratification, how to take care of the world around them, and basic preschool science.

Gardening with children will also teach them independence and give them tons of confidence. As your preschooler tends to his garden... planting seeds, watering, pulling weeds... he will see his effort being rewarding with flowers, plants, or vegetables.

The most important idea to keep in mind when planning a garden for children is how to make it successful. Set your child up for a great first gardening experience!

Garden Size:
The size of your kids garden depends on your experience and available space. You can give your child a corner of your garden, create his own small plot, or use containers. Container gardening is a great first gardening experience.

Garden Type:
Do you want your kids garden to have flowers? vegetables? both? Both are fun for preschoolers. They can smell, cut, and arrange the flowers. They can harvest and help cook the veggies (maybe they'll even eat them too!)

Good Plants for Kids:
Plants that grow quickly, are hardy, and are safe are all great choices for gardening with children. Try plants with different heights, textures, and colors to make the garden more interesting (and educational!) Here are some ideas:

  • Fruits and Veggies: Beans, Pumpkins, Gourds, Tomatoes, Herbs, Raspberries, and Strawberries
  • Flowers: Cosmos (attracts hummingbirds), Sunflowers, Lamb's ear, Snapdragons, Pansies
* Some very common plants and flowers have poisonous seeds, bulbs, leaves, or berries: Holly, Wisteria, Daffodils, Hydrangeas, Sweet Peas and many more. Check with your garden center before purchasing plants for a childrens garden.

Seeds or plants?
A combinations of both is probably the best when gardening with kids. Preschoolers can enjoy planting and watching the seeds grow (delayed gratification) while still seeing immediate results with the plants. Ask your local garden center which plants are should be grown from seed or transplanted for your area.

Garden Maintenance
Taking care of a garden is a great lesson for kids. Plants need water, sunshine, and air... water the plants the required amount, plan where you place your garden, and be sure to weed so the "good" plants have plenty of space (even toddlers can help water with a small sized watering can...) If your childrens garden is neglected, they'll see the results immediately- brown leaves, overgrown plants, dry dirt, and plants that just don't grow.

Gardening for kids doesn't only have to happen outdoors. Even in the cooler months, preschoolers can learn about plants and how they grow.

Grass Monster/ Man
This preschool gardening craft makes a cute homemade gift.


  1. Cut a piece of paper large enough to wrap around a cup or other small container
  2. In the center of the paper, have your preschooler draw or color in a face. Set the paper aside.
  3. Fill the cup with dirt and sprinkle grass seeds on top. Press the seeds gently into the soil (most kids will love getting a little dirty.) Water.
  4. Wrap the paper around the cup and secure with tape or glue.
  5. Place your grass person in a sunny window, water regularly, and watch his "hair" grow!

Sweet Potato Plant
Your preschooler will love watching this plant grow!
  1. Partially fill a clear glass with water.
  2. Insert 4 toothpicks around a sweet potato so it can "hang" on the edge of the glass.
  3. Place the sweet potato in the water (add water as needed)
  4. A great preschool science activity

    - have your child talk about or draw pictures of what happens with the plant.

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