Kids Party Ideas, Themes, and Tips... Get Ready to Party!

With a few great kids party ideas, anyone can throw a fun preschool party- it can even be easy and inexpensive (REALLY!) All you need are ideas for games, crafts, and activities, and you can make any party theme work... birthday parties, Valentine’s parties, or holiday parties.

Of course, one of the easiest (but most expensive) ways to throw a kids birthday party is to find locations that host parties. But…if the cost or thought of another generic “Cheese”-infested party has you running in the other direction... consider throwing a party at home. It can be easy and kids party ideas can be fun!
Some great kids party ideas and themes:

Frozen Party Ideas
Care Bears Party
Transformers Party Ideas
Valentine Party
Dinosaur Birthday Party
Cars Movie Party
Little Mermaid Party
Christmas Party “Cookies with Santa”

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you plan a preschool party:

  1. The party is for your toddler or preschooler (not you)
  2. The party should be 2 hours max (get everyone out before the meltdowns start!)
  3. If you’re hosting a party for 3 year old or younger, it is usually best to ask a parent to stay with their child
  4. As far as the number of kids- you can always follow the rule of number of kids = age of your child. I like to base the number of kids on my comfort level and the size of my home (or yard).
  5. The less food you plan at the party, the easier it is (do you really need to have more than cake at a birthday party?)
  6. Transitions are KEY... just ask any preschool teacher! Be sure to have a good way to transition from one activity to the next. I like to have the kids sit down between activities so that I can explain the next one.

One to three year old parties can be basic- free play, a game or two, cake, and presents. Anything more than that is most likely lost on the kids anyway… don’t stress yourself (or your wallet!)

For a fun 4-5 year old preschool birthday party at home, here is a time line that works:

  • Kids Arrive
  • Free Play and Stations (15-20 minutes): This gives everyone a chance to arrive and say hello.
  • 2 Games (15 minutes): Preferably games that get the kids up and moving.
  • Craft (15 minutes): Choose an easy, age appropriate craft that goes along with the party theme. Remember less is more!
  • Another game (10 minutes): Only if you are running on schedule.
  • Sing and cut the cake (15 minutes)
  • Free play (10+ minutes): Schedule this so that kids who eat quickly don’t get into things while others are finishing up.
  • Another game (10 minutes): Again, if running on time. This time choose a preschool party game that is less active (no one wants to see that birthday cake again).
  • Presents (10-15 minutes): Yes, you should open gifts at the party. My son has come home from so many parties disappointed that he didn’t’ get to enjoy watching the birthday kid open it.
  • Give out goody bags, favors to guests
That’s it. The party is done. With these kids party ideas... you have a happy preschooler, some great memories, and (hopefully) saved yourself a little money.

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