St Patricks Day Preschool Activities... Have a Bit O' Fun!

Celebrate St. Patricks Day with your kids with fun and easy St Patricks Day preschool activities. Whether or not you’re Irish, the magic and mystery of leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold will inspire creativity in your child (and maybe even bring out the kid in you!)

Make some easy decorations using St Patricks Day preschool crafts. Your preschooler can create shamrocks, rainbows, leprechauns, and even bring the Blarney Stone to your living room.

Talk about catching the Leprechaun with your preschooler. Nothing will get her creative juices flowing like the thought of trapping a tiny Leprechaun allowing her to go to the end of the rainbow for his pot of gold.

Provide your preschooler with the supplies for a Leprechaun trap and see what he creates:

  • Shoe box
  • Paint stir, craft stick, or something similar
  • “Gold” (you can buy gold coin candy at most grocery or drug stores)
  • Paper and markers to plan

After the above trap failed last year (that nasty Leprechaun stole most of the gold and left a note saying that we’d NEVER catch him), we brainstormed this year about alternate traps. My son has decided to “pretend” to be asleep with gold on his chest and his arms spread out. When the Leprechaun tries to stand on him to get the gold, he’ll grab him. My daughter wants to make some shamrock cookies and set them out while she hides behind the curtains.

Even if you don’t catch the Leprechaun, you’ll create some great memories, your preschooler will learn by using her creativity and logic skills, and you’ll all have fun doing it. I know one mom that goes as far as placing green food coloring in the toilets to show that the Leprechaun has visited! Be creative!

More fun preschool activities for St. Patricks Day... make Irish food and cook with your preschooler. Your preschooler will work on math skills, fine motor skills, and have tons o’ fun!

Find an easy recipe for Irish soda bread or corn beef and cabbage and create an authentic Irish meal. If you’re looking for something a bit more basic, try making kid friendly treats:
  • Shamrock cookies (your preschooler will love to roll out the dough and use a cookie cutter)
  • Green Rice Krispie Treats (a little green food coloring works wonders!)
  • Shamrock Jello (just make green Jello or jigglers)
  • Leprechaun shake (your preschoolers favorite shake, smoothie, or drinkable yogurt with green food coloring)


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