Best Preschool Classroom Ideas for Fun and Learning

Whether you want to set up a preschool classroom for a school, to homeschool, or for a playroom, it is essential that you make the room child focused. A child centered classroom should allow your preschoolers to learn and grow, discover, work together, and be creative.

When you walk into a successful preschool classrom, you just know... bright colors and art work are everywhere (even hanging from the ceiling,) toys are age appropriate and easily accessible, and the space encourages learning, creativity, and discovery (nothing is "hands-off!)

What makes a classroom child focused (or child centered)?

  • Encourages independence and the development of self-help skills
    • Toys and supplies should be at preschool eye level
    • Toys and supplies should be organized and clearly marked so that children can find them (and clean up) on their own
    • Toys and supplies should be age appropriate. For example, smaller sized pitchers allow children to pour their own drinks at snack time.

  • Balances and incorporates both play and learning
    • Different "stations" or learning centers should allow children to play while learning important preschool skills
    • Even if a preschool is "play-focused" and not "academic", early math skills, reading skills, and science skills can (and should) be incorporated into the stations, crafts, and lessons

  • Exposes children to both structured and unstructured activities
    • Free time should be built into the daily schedule so preschoolers can explore the classroom and discover on their own
    • Structured time such as "circle time", arts and crafts, and group activities help children learn to listen, work with others, and follow directions
    • Playing and interacting with other children in both structured and unstructured settings allows a preschooler to be flexible, adapt to different situations, and to get along with others

  • Encourages and teaches creativity
    • Free play should allow children to play in different situations and make up different scenarios
    • Plenty of "creative" props and supplies should be available (costumes, hats, art suppplies...)
    • Preschool toys should be open ended. This means that there are MANY ways to play... building, creating, make-believe... Blocks, vehicles, play dishes, and tools are all open-ended preschool toys.
    • Children should complete age-appropriate crafts that teach both following directions and personal creativity

Essential Components of a Good Preschool Classroom
To expose your preschool children to many ideas, concepts, and subjects, center each week or class day around appropriate preschool themes.
  • Child-led activities (free play stations)
    • Housekeeping
    • Science and discovery center
    • Building (blocks, tools, work bench)
    • Reading corner (kid bookshelves and LOTS of picture books)
    • Writing station
    • Fine motor (helps develop muscles needed for writing) toys such as doll house and people, action figures, toy cars, and LEGOs.
  • Teacher-led Activities

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