Preschool Crafts that REALLY work for preschoolers and toddlers!

Anyone (even those of you who say you aren't "crafty") can do preschool crafts with their child. Preschoolers and toddlers love to craft and create.

I know you're busy (thanks for taking the time to visit!) My list of kids crafts is well organized (so it's easy to find the craft project you want.) Each craft for preschoolers has clear and easy to follow directions (complete with a supply list and personal notes from my experience.) I'll even try to provide pictures of how our project turned out.

Holidays are a great reason to break out the craft supplies with your kids. Preschool holiday crafts are great for decorating your house, giving as gifts, or even for slowing down and enjoying time together. Here are some of my favorite holiday crafts for preschool kids:

Preschool Easter Crafts
St. Patricks Day Preschool Crafts
Preschool Valentine Crafts
Preschool Christmas Crafts
Preschool Halloween Crafts
Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts
Father's and Mother's Day Gifts for Kids to Make
Fathers Day Crafts

Doing seasonal crafts with your preschooler is a great way to teach him about nature and its changes throughout the year. From cotton ball snowy winter scenes to tissue paper spring flowers to shell monsters to brightly colored presserved leaves... have fun exploring the world around you. Preschool science lessons and crafting all in one!

Preschool Winter Crafts
Preschool Spring Crafts
Preschool Summer Crafts
Preschool Fall Crafts

More themed preschool crafts...

Music Crafts and More
Toddler Crafts
Olympic Crafts
Sports and Camp Crafts
Weather Crafts

There are so many learning and developmental benefits to doing arts and crafts with your preschool or toddler child. Here are a few:

  • Gives children a sense of achievement
  • Improves fine motor skills needed for learning to write
  • Increases the ability to concentrate (which is great for school)
  • Provides special, quality time with you (creates great memories!)
  • Allows your child to express him or herself
  • Teaches creativity (my kids now make up "art projects" by themselves)

New to doing preschool crafts or a little worried about the mess? You're not alone! Trust me- there are many fun and easy crafts for kids to do on their own and with little mess (of course there are lots of messy ones too!) We all have our comfort zone. From my experiences with my three kids, I think the main trick to enjoying your kid's craft time is to find projects with which you are comfortable.

Personally, I can't stand paint activities. Really! I avoid them whenever I can. However, I've learned that certain types of paints and painting aren't quite as bad for me to deal with, so I focus on those (or other non-paint crafts). A friend of mine breaks out in hives just thinking about her kids using PlayDoh. She has learned to deal with her phobia by setting up a picnic table and PlayDoh outside.

Find what works for you and pick projects accordingly!

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