Preschool Crafts for St. Patricks Day Celebrate the Luck of the Irish!

Shamrocks. The Blarney Stone. Leprechauns. Pot of Gold. Rainbows.

Use fun and easy preschool crafts and activities to help your child learn about and celebrate St. Patricks Day.

Using preschool and toddler activities, you and your kids can...

  • Make St. Patricks Day decorations
  • Try to catch a Leprechaun
  • Get out the map and look for Ireland
  • Learn the color green
  • Talk about "luck"


Shimmery Shamrock Craft

  • Green paper
  • School glue (like Elmers)
  • Shallow dish or paper plate
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  1. Trace a shamrock template onto the green paper
  2. Cut out (or have your child cut out) the shamrock
  3. Squeeze glue into the paper plate
  4. Your preschooler or toddler can "paint" the glue onto the shamrock
  5. Sprinkle glitter onto the shamrock (I had my daughter put the shamrock craft in a shoe box lid when she did this)
  6. Shake off excess glitter and allow to dry (the shoe box lid catches the extra so it can be used again)

Notes and Ideas
  • Attach the finished shamrock to a strip of paper for a festive St Patricks Day crown
  • Make several of these and hang on a window for St. Patricks Day decorations (the glitter will sparkle in the sun)

Pot of Gold

  • Yellow paper
  • 2 paper plates
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Stapler
  1. Trace and cut out 10 circles from the yellow paper (a great way to practice cutting! My 3 year old and I each cut out half.)
  2. Cut the top 1/3 off of both paper plates (draw a line across and let your preschooler do this)
  3. Have an adult staple the plates together to form a pot (leave the top open)
  4. Color the pot black and decorate
  5. Place the coins in the pot
Notes and Ideas
  • Using this preschool craft your child can practice counting while she plays with her pot of gold
  • For an easy St. Patricks Day preschool game, take turns hiding the gold pieces around the room and searching for them
  • Another preschool learning activity using this craft- write the numbers 1-10 on the coins and encourage your preschooler to lay the coins out in order

Contact Paper Art
One of my favorite easy toddler crafts... your preschooler will love it too. These shamrocks make great suncatchers to hang in your window.

  • Clear contact paper
  • Small pieces of green paper, confetti, tissue paper, or cellophane
  1. Cut 2 identically sized pieces of contact paper
  2. Place paper, confetti, or tissue paper in a container
  3. Peel the back off of 1 piece of the contact paper
  4. Have toddler or preschooler stick the paper, confetti, or tissue paper on the contact paper (without you moving any of it!!)
  5. When he is finished, place the second piece of contact paper onto the first
  6. Trace or draw a shamrock onto contact paper and cut it out
Notes and Ideas
  • Have your child tear up the paper into a container while you prepare the contact paper... she'll love being "allowed" to destroy!
  • For extra sparkle, sprinkle glitter before putting on the second sheet of contact paper
  • Green cellophane will make a very cool stained glass/ sun catcher project

Blarney Stone
If the thought of having your preschooler kiss the real Blarney Stone in Ireland sends you into an immediate panic attack, try this easy preschool craft for a bit o' Irish luck!
  • Large rock
  • Paint
  • Glitter
  • Paint brush
  1. Have your preschooler hunt outside for the "perfect" Blarney Stone
  2. Have him paint the stone however he chooses... different colors, solid and sprinkle with glitter...
  3. Allow to dry and you have your very own family Blarney Stone (much cheaper than a trip to Ireland!)
Notes and Ideas
  • The Blarney Stone is located on the grounds of Blarney Castle near Cork, Ireland... use a globe or map to point out Ireland to your preschooler
  • The legend of the Blarney Stone is that it gives the kisser the "gift of gab"... so for some of us with preschoolers or toddlers that NEVER STOP TALKING... we may want to try another preschool craft : )

Check back for more St Patricks Day preschool crafts, coming soon!

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