Preschool Reading, Writing, and Alphabet Activities - Get Ready to Read!

Schools are expecting more and more of our children. Give your preschooler a head start on preschool reading by using alphabet, phonics, and pre-reading activities.
Preschoolers and toddlers will benefit from many fun preschool reading activities that teach the foundation for learning to read. Getting a good foundation of early reading skills can help your child succeed as he grows. You can incorporate reading and pre-reading activities into your toddler or preschooler's day...

Providing a reading-friendly environment is extremely important to develop your preschooler's reading skills. You may not realize it, but by singing the alphabet to, reading to, and discussing stories with your child, you are already helping him to understand that letters make up words, words make up stories, and stories have a beginning, middle, and an end. These very basic reading skills are essential to learning to read.

Tips for providing a reading-friendly environment:

  • Allow your preschooler and toddler access to her own books (teach him to treat books with respect)
  • Provide a comfortable place for your child to read or to read with your child- a bean bag, a chair, or pillows all work!
  • Let your child see you reading. Toddlers and preschoolers love to imitate!
  • Try to set aside special time to read with your preschooler.
  • Don't rush through the book. Allow him to ask and answer questions about the characters, new words, and the pictures.

One of the first steps to success in reading is for your preschooler or toddler to begin learning the alphabet . Singing the ABCs is always a good start (and a fun song to sing to your baby), but there are so many more fun alphabet games and activities.

When your toddler holds her first crayon and scribbles (hopefully) on paper, she is practicing the skills needed for writing. Preschool writing includes not only learning to write letters and numbers, but also learning activities like mazes and tracing.

Teaching your child to read and write shouldn't be a chore or something that you "have to do." Help your preschooler to enjoy reading by using crafts, games, and activities to teach early reading and writing skills. Your child will have a great reading foundation and she'll have tons of fun!

Easy reading activities for preschoolers...

Preschool Reading Activities
Preschool Alphabet Activities
Preschool Writing Activities
More Preschool Learning Activities
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