Fun Preschool Science Activities to Help your Preschooler Learn

Most of us do preschool science activities with our kids everyday (whether we realize it or not). Rolling a ball, taking a nature walk, or cooking with your preschooler are all fun and easy to use science activities for preschoolers. By using these learning activities, you can teach your child even more with many fun activities that you already do!

Teach your child about nature and the world around her by doing "Green" activities such as creating recycled crafts or planting a kids garden.
More easy preschool science activities:

Sink or Float
This easy preschool science activity can be done in the bathtub or using a large container of water. ALWAYS SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN AROUND WATER!


  1. Gather or have your child gather objects to "test"
  2. Create a chart of the objects with 3 columns- list or draw a picture of each item in the first, write your preschooler's guess in the second, and write what actually happened in the third
  3. Ask your preschooler what her "hypothesis" (guess) is for each object and write her answer (sink or float) next to each item on the list
  4. Now it is time for the "experiment". Test each object by having your preschooler put them one at a time in the water and observing what happens.
  5. Write the actual results in the last column of your chart
  6. Talk about which hypotheses were "confirmed" and which were "disproved"

What is Learned

  • By slipping scientific terms like "hypothesis" and "experiment" into a hands-on activity, you expose your child to science terms in a way to which she can relate to them
  • Early exposure to physical properties of objects such as denisty and buoyancy (without actually having to know those words)
  • Extend the learning by trying objects made of similar materials but in different shapes and sizes

Mixing Colors
This simple science activity for preschoolers teaches colors and "experimenting" and is a lot of fun!


  1. Fill 3 small bowls with water
  2. Place drops of red, yellow, or blue food coloring into each bowl
  3. Give your child a medicine dropper, an ice cube tray, and a chart listing different combinations of the colors
  4. Have your preschooler use the medicine dropper to make different color combinations in each section of the ice cube tray
  5. Using a marker or crayon, have him color in the correct "answer" to each color combination on his chart

Tube Racers
A homemade version of preschool science activities that many children's museums have. Toddlers and preschoolers will both be entertained by and learn from this easy science game.


  1. Gather a wrapping paper or other long tube (I got a free empty fabric tube from my fabric store) and golf balls or Matchbox cars
  2. Place one end of the tube up on a couch or coffee table and the other down on the ground
  3. Let your toddler or preschooler place golf balls (or matchbox cars) in the higher end and watch them come out the other end

What is Learned

  • Physics ideas such as speed, acceleration, and gravity
  • Suggest placing the tube on surfaces of different heights and noticing if the ball takes longer or shorter to come out
  • Get two same sized tubes and have races! Which objects come out fastest?

Seasonal Tray
A great preschool science idea for using (and learning from) all of the "treasures" your child discovers outside.


  1. Find any type of tray or large flat container in which to place "treasures"
  2. Go on a nature walk or play outside and gather natural items unique to the season (flowers and grass for summer, fallen leaves and acorns for fall, evergreens and pine cones for winter, apple blossoms and buds for spring)
  3. Place the items on the tray so your child can look at, touch, and investigate them further
  4. Talk about each item with your preschooler

What is Learned

  • Exploration
  • How natural objects feel and look. How are the objects similar? How are they different?
  • Ideas of nature. What does the "bud" turn into? Who eats the acorns? What makes the flower grow?

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