Preschool Sorting Activities Teach Early Math Skills

Preschool sorting activities are easy to incorporate into your child's everyday play. You have so many opportunities to practice sorting with your preschooler or toddler. Your child probably does some of it naturally- putting green blocks together, lining up matchbox cars, or putting farm animals in a play barn. Here are some other great math ideas for sorting.

Teach your preschooler early math skills and how to clean up after himself at the same time!

  • Label bins with a picture of toys that belong (blocks, cars, dolls, etc). When you and your child clean up, help him "sort" his toys.
  • Put pieces of different colored construction paper around the room. Have your toddler clean up by color- green toys go by the green paper, red by the red, etc.

Vegetable Tray Sorting

  • How often does your vegetable tray (mine is a Tupperware one) come out of the cupboard? Put it to good use everyday as an easy sorting tray.
  • A bag of craft "pom poms" can be sorted by color
  • Sort blocks, Tinker Toys, or Matchbox cars by size, shape, or color

Color Sorting
Teach your toddler or preschooler colors and early math skills.

  • Place different colored construction paper on the floor
  • Great items to sort by color: craft pom poms, crayons, blocks, LEGOs

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