The Best Preschool Toys: One Mom's Guide

Trying to navigate the world of preschool toys? There are so many to choose from...Which will your child love? Which are safe? Which are educational toys that will teach her? And...Are there any that are inexpensive AND well made?

As a mom of three kids 5 and under, I have been around a few (hundred) preschool, toddler, and baby toys. In our house, we have a mix of educational toys and trendy toys (you know- the now evil "plastic toys"). We also use items around the house to make handmade toys. Every preschooler, toddler, or baby is different, but in our house there are a few favorite toys that have withstood the test of time, been loved by all of my kids, or have kept them so busy that I love them! Preschool arts and crafts and supplies are some of our favorite toys.

Unfortunately, lately, we've heard about so many unsafe toys for our kids. Because some of these toys have been favorites of my children, I did a little "Mommy-research" to figure out if I could avoid buying risky toys in the future. Although I don't think it is possible to be 100% safe (unless you avoid toys altogether), I did discover how to more likely find safe toys for kids.

I hope these suggestions help you make fun and educational toy decisions for your baby, toddler, or preschooler.


Educational Toys Favorite Preschool Toys Handmade Toys Safe Toys

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