Fun Preschool Writing Acitivites- Get your preschooler excited to write!

Teaching preschool writing is so much more than just sitting your preschool child down to practice writing the alphabet. Developing the skills needed for learning to write are an important first step.

You can help your preschooler to develop early writing skills by using crafts, games, and his interests.

You can help your toddler work on fine motor skills by doing toddler crafts and fingerplays.

These writing activities for preschoolers help develop the concentration and fine motor skills needed to learn to write.

Writing without a pencil
Small hands have a hard time holding a pencil correctly. Allow your preschooler (or toddler) to succeed by writing with his finger.

Letter Cards
Make or buy textured sandpaper letter cards. Your preschooler will love to "feel" the shape of each letter.

Encourage your preschooler to complete mazes with his finger. He can do them over and over again and won't get frustrated if he goes the wrong way.

Writing Printables
Preschool writing printables such as mazes, connect the dots, and tracing pages are a great way to have your child happily practice his writing.

Making Letters from other Objects
Your preschooler will enjoy making his letters with everyday things- stick pretzels, crayons, string, tinkertoys...

Just because he isn't technically "writing", doesn't mean he isn't learning. He's using fine motor skills need for writing, developing his imagination and creativity, and also practicing his ABCs. Can you beat that?

For an easy educational craft project... on paper, have your preschooler squeeze Elmer's glue in the shape of a letter. Give her scissors and yarn to cut and form into the letter on top of the glue.

FUN DECORATING IDEA... have her do each letter of her name on a different sheet of paper, string together and hang on her bedroom door.

Practice Writing the Alphabet
Once your preschooler feels confortable and confident with a pencil and his fine motor skills, Use these fun preschool writing activities to encourage him to practice his letters.

Make pretend mailboxes (shoe boxes work) and provide your preschooler with crayons, pencils, paper, and envelopes. Write letters and "deliver" them to each other. Help your child learn her address- practice addressing the envelopes, too.

Pen Pals
Use good old snail mail to send letters to relatives. Have your preschooler draw a picture or write a short note and sign his own name. Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, and Uncles will love receiving mail and your preschooler will love it when they send a letter back!

Wish Lists
Most kids love to tell you what they'd like most for their birthdays, Christmas, or other gift giving holidays. Use their enthusiasm to practice writing skills. Encourage your preschooler to write her own list for Santa this year. Depending upon age and ability, your child can write "Santa", sign her name, and even copy her wish list from catalogs and magazines.

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