Summer Crafts to Celebrate July 4th

Summer crafts are a great way to entertain the kids at your summer celebrations. Whether you are staying at home or hitting the road this holiday weekend, find crafts with a 4th of July theme.

July 4th Parade Crafts
Keep the kids entertained at your celebration. These July 4th crafts are easy and fun to create and even more fun to play! Toddlers can join in too. When completed, all the kids can march in an Independence Day parade!
What is learned/ practiced: creativity, fine motor skills, music & rhythm.

Supplies for all of these crafts:

  • Paper (red, white, and blue) cut into various shapes (stars, stripes, squares)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Red and blue crayons and markers
  • July 4th stickers
Set up the supplies in separate plastic containers and let the kids be creative…

  1. July 4th Shaker
    • Have preschoolers decorate (with paper, crayons, stickers) the outside of 2 paper plates
    • Place beans or dry pasta in between
    • Have an adult staple the edges shut (tape over staples to protect little fingers)
    • Shake away!

  2. July 4th Hat
    • Provide each child with a piece of red, white, or blue paper cut in half length wise and stapled end to end
    • Have kids decorate
    • Place the strip around the head and mark the appropriate size
    • Have an adult staple and tape over the staples

  3. July 4th Streamers
    • Kids can decorate empty paper towel rolls or paper plates
    • Attach red, white, and blue crepe paper streamers to the end or outside (tape works best for this)
    • Dance and shake!

July 4th Picnic Book
This easy learning activity and summer craft is great for kids excited for holiday festivities. While your preparing or packing, preschoolers can help by “listing” needed items in their very own book. This preschool activity works for upcoming vacations too.
What is learned/ practiced: math skills (categorization), fine motor skills, scissor practice, writing skills


  • Magazines
  • White paper
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Crayons, markers, stamps, stickers
  • Stapler

  1. On the top of separate sheets of white paper, write (or help your preschooler write) the different categories. For example: “What I need to bring…” or “What I am going to eat…” or “What I’m going to play…”
  2. Depending on your child’s age and ability, have her look through magazines and cut out pictures (or precut appropriate pictures) for each category
  3. Glue pictures onto the matching sheet of white paper (a soccer ball on “What I’m going to play…” or a juice box on “What I’m going to eat…”)
  4. Older preschoolers can draw pictures also
  5. Make a cover for the book (“Our July 4th Picnic” or “Our Independence Day Weekend” or “Our Camping Trip’)

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