Thanksgiving Activities that your Preschooler will Gobble Up!

Your kids will love these Thanksgiving activities!

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving has been somewhat eclipsed by the larger holidays of Halloween and Christmas. No sooner than the Halloween decorations are down (or even earlier than that), stores bring out the Christmas decorations, leaving Thanksgiving as a “shopping weekend” rather than a holiday.

However, the month of November is a perfect time to slow down before the holiday rush. Use this month and Thanksgiving to talk with your preschooler about what he or she already has to be thankful for and to teach the important value of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to spend time with family and friends without worrying about what gifts to buy or how much you have to spend!

Hold off on the Christmas decorations and use Thanksgiving decorations to celebrate gratitude and family. Decorate your home with your toddler or preschooler’s Thanksgiving crafts or Fall crafts. She can use a few inexpensive craft supplies to make easy Thanksgiving decorations. Use these decorations for your family dinner or a playgroup “feast day.”

Looking for a quick Thanksgiving idea to avert a temper tantrum while the turkey cooks? Kids of all ages love to sing and dance. Thanksgiving songs and finger plays are a fun and easy preschool thanksgiving activity.

Using a Thanksgiving theme is a fun idea for teaching preschoolers about the ABCs, math, colors, and more. Thanksgiving preschool activities that teach help preschoolers learn about eating well (food groups, vegetables), the letter “T” (Turkey), history (pilgrims, native Americans), and so much more.

Thanksgiving is also a perfect time to teach about gratitude and being thankful. Talk to your child about what you are thankful for and ask him to share what he is thankful for… allow him to be open and honest without criticizing. Transformers, princesses, and candy are likely “things” that preschoolers can grasp being thankful for- use these as a starting point for talking about “deeper” ideas like friends, family, food on the table, etc.

Make a "Thankful Turkey" and post what you are each thankful for. Or...start a new tradition at Thanksgiving dinner- have each guest give thanks for something before you start eating.

Be creative and have fun!

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