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Toddler crafts should be easy to do and allow your toddler to work independently. Toddlers learn more and gain self confidence knowing that they have made something on their own.

I have been to so many toddler classes where the kids sat around and watched the parents complete the craft. Sometimes this happened because the craft was just too hard for 1 & 2 year olds and sometimes because parents couldn’t handle a one-eyed turkey with feathers for a beak (I know this is hard- I was a perfectionist in my “pre-kid” life!)

My own kids’ crafts are far from "perfect", but each can point to most of his/her pictures, Christmas ornaments, or Halloween pumpkins and say that they were done "all by myself.” Part of accomplishing this is to do age appropriate toddler crafts with your toddlers.

Many of the crafts for toddlers listed on this page can be used for different holidays or themes. All of them are fun and toddler friendly!

Contact Paper Art
This is one of my FAVORITE toddler crafts. It turns out beautifully every time and makes a great window decoration.

  • Clear contact paper
  • Small pieces of paper, confetti, or tissue paper


  1. Cut 2 identically sized pieces of contact paper
  2. Place paper, confetti, or tissue paper in a container*
  3. Decide what the final shape of the project will be and get a pattern if needed
  4. Peel the back off of 1 piece of the contact paper

Toddler Contact Paper Craft

    With your Toddler:

  1. Place 1 piece of contact paper sticky side up in front of your toddler
  2. Allow toddler to stick paper, confetti, or tissue paper on the contact paper (without moving any of it!!)
  3. When he is finished, place the second piece of contact paper onto the first
  4. Trace or draw desired shape onto contact paper and cut it out

Notes & Ideas

  • Christmas Bell with shiny confetti
  • Christmas Tree with small pieces of wrapping paper or red and green tissue paper
  • Valentine heart with red, white, and pink paper
  • Halloween Pumpkin with orange tissue paper
*Give your child permission to tear paper! Allow him to help tear the paper or tissue paper into small pieces and place in the container (a great way to use scraps from other projects)

Sticker Pages and Shapes
I have NEVER met a toddler who doesn't LOVE stickers!

  • Paper
  • Assorted stickers


  1. Peel the sticky background off the sheet of stickers (doing this makes it easier for your toddler to peel the stickers by herself)
  2. Cut out desired shape from paper

    With your Toddler:

  1. Place the paper and stickers in front of your child
  2. Let him or her place the stickers on the paper however she wants

Notes & Ideas

  • It is very interesting to note how your toddler completes this activity. Between 1 and 2 years, my son placed matching stickers directly on top of one another, my older daughter lined them up across the page in no particular order, and the baby now puts as many on her shirt as she does on her project : )
  • To adjust for different holidays or themes… buy the appropriate stickers and have your toddler put them on a blank card or shape
    • Flower stickers on a flower shape or blank card for Mother’s Day (Grandma will LOVE it!)
    • Different colored circles on a green tree shape for an easy Christmas decoration
    • Heart stickers on a doily for an easy Valentine

Paper Plate Crown Template

Crowns and Hats
Your kids will LOVE wearing this toddler craft!

  • Paper or paper plate
  • Stickers, crayons, and/or markers


  1. For paper plate crown, starting at the center of the plate, cut diagonal lines outward to make points (see diagram)
  2. For other hats, cut strips of paper big enough to fit around your toddler’s head. Tape them end-to-end, but not into a full circle yet
  3. Trace or draw and cut out a shape for the front of the hat

    With your Toddler:

  1. Place the pieces of the hat in front of your child
  2. Let him be creative and draw or put stickers to decorate his creation
  3. Once your toddler completes this activity
    • For crown- fold up the points and place on your child’s head
    • For other hats- staple or tape shape to strip of paper and then staple or tape strip to fit toddler’s head


  • Because staples can be sharp, I usually put duct tape over the back to protect little heads
  • Your toddler will love to wear her own creation and this toddler craft is easy to make as interests change…train hat one day…dinosaur hat the next…
  • Search for free printables online for shapes to print out or trace

Toddler “Scribbles”
When you place a crayon or marker in your toddler’s hand, you may see scribbles, but he or she is practicing fine motor skills needed for writing.

  • Crayons or markers
  • Paper
  • Construction paper
  • Glue stick


  1. Allow your toddler to draw, scribble, and “write” however she wants
  2. Once she is finished…
    • Cut out the desired shape (free hand it or print out a template found online or in MS Word)
    • Have your toddler help glue her drawing to a piece of construction paper

Notes & Ideas:
The possibilities for this toddler craft are endless

  • Handmade Valentines
  • Easter eggs
  • Fall leaves or apples
  • Birthday cards

Toddler Painting
For this toddler activity, use the same directions as for the “Scribbles”, but change out paint for the crayons. This craft is a great way to introduce colors… provide only one color for a project (red for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day, yellow for a Christmas star…) Again, cut out desired shape using a template.

More ideas for toddler painting:

Shaving Cream Painting: Leave white or add a few drops of food coloring. Let your child use his hands to “paint” on a heavy sheet of paper (watch his mouth!) The shaving cream will dry and make a very interesting art project.

Glue Painting: Put white school glue in a bowl or paper plate. Allow your toddler to “paint” it on a piece of paper (use a paint brush or Q-tip.) Sprinkle with glitter, colored sand, or cotton balls and let dry.

Water Painting: This toddler craft is SO EASY! Provide your toddler with a small glass of water, light colored construction paper, and a paint brush. The paper will get darker where she “paints” the water.

Painting- Without the Mess!
Great activity for your toddler when you need 15 minutes to make dinner!
  • Large plastic Ziploc bag
  • Tempura paint (or see the science recipes page for homemade “paint” perfect for this toddler craft)
  • Duct tape
  1. Make (or buy) paint
  2. Place in plastic bag (put more than one color in to teach your toddler about mixing colors)
  3. Close bag and tape shut to make sure it doesn’t open

    With your Toddler:

  1. Let your toddler squish, mush, and mix the paint in the bag
  2. Point out when the colors mix and make a new one


  • My daughter loves to “mix” in her booster at the counter while I make dinner (and I love to make dinner without her underfoot!)

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