Create a Happy Toddler (and parents) with Fun Toddler Learning Activities!

Tame your Toddler!

Why use toddler learning activities?

The toddler stage goes so quickly...before you know it she'll be a preschooler. Living and playing with your toddler child can be one part frustration, one part unconditional love, and two parts exhausting (I know--I'm going through it for the third time in 4 years!)

Using easy toddler learning activities such as toddler games, toddler songs, and toddler crafts can help you and your toddler play with more fun (and less frustration!)

Toddler Crafts
I am a strong believer in letting kids do crafts with minimal help from parents. Toddlers learn more and feel better about themselves knowing that they have made something on their own. I have been to so many toddler classes where the kids sat around and watched the parents complete the craft.

My childrens' crafts are far from "perfect", but each can point to most of his/her pictures, Christmas ornaments, or Halloween pumpkins and say that they were done "all by myself". Part of accomplishing this is to do age appropriate crafts with your toddlers.

Toddler crafts aren't about the end result. By doing crafts, your toddler practices fine motor skills needed for writing, develops creativity, learns independence, and gets a head start on preschool concepts like shapes, colors, numbers, and patterns.

And... who doesn't think a purple Christmas tree is adorable??

Toddler Games
Kids love to play games- board games, card games, team games, and games that get them moving.

Games teach cooperation, turn taking, motor skills, listening skills, and much more. Playing games is so much fun for toddlers (and preschoolers) that they don't even realize that they are learning!

Toddler Songs
Singing classic songs, doing fingerplays, or making up silly songs with your toddler not only helps to develop music appreciation, but also works on many important developmental skills.

Songs for toddlers help kids to develop memory, language skills, gross motor skills (get up and dance!), and social skills and cooperation. Not to mention... singing is just plain fun!

Self Help Skills
As the parent or caregiver of a toddler, so much of your day is spent helping him with everyday tasks. Learning independence and self help skills allows your toddler to help you, to gain confidence, and to entertain himself! Really!

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