How I Became a Work at Home Mom with Site Build It!

Site Build It!
Since I had my first child 6 years ago, I have searched for the perfect work at home opportunity. I've researched and have even been talked into quite a few of them... but nothing "fit" and actually worked... until now.

Creating you own website or blog with Site Build It!, you can earn extra income, stay at home, be mentally challenged, and follow you PASSION!

I am SO not a salesperson... I wouldn't be giving you this information on how to succeed and work at home unless I really believed that it was worthwhile and valuable to pass along. It has changed my life!

Here is one of my favorite work at home mom success stories...

This is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme... it takes time and dedication to learn what you need to know. But- if I can do it with a 1, 3, and 5 year old running around, YOU CAN TOO!

You don't need to know HTML or be "technical". You can make good money writing an informational website about something you love (like preschool learning and crafts.)

If you're a mom like me, you probably spend a lot of time on the web... reading (or writing) blogs, maybe selling a few things on Ebay, and searching for information. Wouldn't you like to EARN MONEY while you're on the Web?

How I ended up working at home with Site Build It!

As I mentioned, I looked into and tried many work at home business opportunities... surveys, mystery shopping, home parties... all of them either didn't "fit" for me or didn't come close to earning ANY income!

I started a personal blog a couple of years ago and was considering making it "public" and trying to earn income working at home. While researching online, I discovered that there is a lot more to making REAL money from a website or blog than just writing content. Search engine optimization, keywords, RSS, pings... the terminology and information was overwhelming.

Late one night, I came across a Site Build It! Work at Home Mom article. I completed the FREE Affiliates Masters Course and knew that with Site Build It! taking care of all the technical stuff, I could create informational website, stay at home, AND earn extra income.

Here's another great success story:

Although I loved the information I learned from the Site Build It! (SBI) Site, I still wasn't convinced that it was worth it. Couldn't I just use a cheap or free web host? I started Comparing SBI to other hosts.

With SBI, I didn't have to buy any additional software... graphics, page building, search engine optimization, EVERYTHING I needed is included. I also save a ton of time (which helps when you have 3 kids!)... SBI automatically notifies the search engines each time I create a page and lets me know how to change it to increase my ranking.

SBI also offers a 100% Money-back Satisfaction & Success Guarantee, so I gave it a try...

After being "live" for a few months, I already have pages that rank in the top 10 at search engines. I've had over 500 unique visitors a day and am earning revenue. I never would have known how to do that without SBI!

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Ready to start earning extra income?

Please, do your own research... compare hosts, learn what it takes to create a high traffic, income generating website... and then come back here and start using the best...Site Build It!

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