Beyond the transaction: how payments service providers can innovate for their customers


Beyond the transaction: how payments service providers can innovate for their customers

Anant Gupta, APAC Innovation Lead, Financial Services, at Amazon Web Services (AWS), speaks to Finextra TV about how cloud services and a customer-centric mindset can help payments service providers use data to innovate and grow. By helping their merchant customers take action—informed by data and insight—to manage and grow their businesses, payments companies have an opportunity to deepen their c…

New Payment Flows – A World Beyond Cards

Speaker: Nimit Gulati, VP – Mastercard, APAC (Realtime payments, Open Banking and Cross Border Service
, Mastercard

How Open API is Driving Digital Innovation & Collaboration in Financial Services

A panel discussion at the KPMG Digital Summit 2017. The event held in Lagos, Nigeria on November 1st, 2017. The discussants were:
Ladi Asuni – Associate Director, KPMG Nigeria (Moderator)
Deji Oguntonade – Divisional Head, FinTech & Innovation, GTBank Plc
Victor Okigbo – Group Head, Financial Technology & Innovation, Access Bank Plc and Program Director, The Africa Fintech Foundry
Adedeji Olowe – Executive Director, Products & Services, SystemSpecs Limited
Shola Akinlade – Co-founder & CEO, Paystack

The Rollapp Stacks | Sovereign Labs, Slush

Season 3 | Episode 5
In this episode of Bell Curve, Kalman Lajko and Preston Evans explain their thesis behind the optimal Rollapp stack. We start with the similarities and key differences between the Slush and Sovereign design thesis and how developers choose the optimal stack for their product. We then explore how Rollapp infrastructure projects can monetize, winner-take-all dynamics, the importance of BD and developer tooling and more!
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(00:00) Intro: Pre-Interview
(02:02) The Internet of Rollups
(04:26) Slush vs Sovereign
(28:06) Business models and monetization
(30:20) A winner-take-all market?
(34:45) Attracting developers
(36:51) Infrastructure and developer tooling
(39:09) Recap: Post-Interview
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Disclaimer: Nothing said on Bell Curve is a recommendation to buy or sell securities or tokens. This podcast is for informational purposes only, and any views expressed by anyone on the show are solely our opinions, not financial advice. Mike, Jason, Michael, Vance and our guests may hold positions in the companies, funds, or projects discussed.

DBS Xchange #2 – Technology innovation that are driving change in transaction banking

Welcome to DBS Xchange, a thought leadership video series from DBS senior leaders.
In this video, we speak to Nimish, our head of Global Transaction Banking about technology innovation that are driving change in transaction banking.

First of all, it is important to understand that, Innovation is not just about technology. Innovation in its essence is doing something different to get an exceptionally better result.
Our approach of understanding the customer journeys, and thereby understanding the pain points, and then applying technology, is what really helps us bring in significant results and addressing these pain points.
We embed ourselves into the journeys. We truly understand from the customer’s perspective what needs to be done and then we go and build those solutions from there.

For example in the case of our trade loans, where we on board our customers’ customers, it used to be a process that took 60 days, now it takes 6 hours.

2020 has brought us situations which we really have to think outside of the box.
Some of the things that we have done for example, customers can open a new account with DBS in a matter of 3 days without having to visit the branch. This is fundamental, because of restrictions and distancing, this helps significantly.
I mentioned earlier on in terms of the end to end feasibility of payment, this helps customers as well to go completely digital, and therefore working from home become easier.
On the trade side we have done quite a lot of work to be able to onboard customers, and customers’ customers 100% digitally, so that they don’t need to visit branches or even to visit their own customers’.
These are some very good examples of where we put forward solutions for our customers so they can comfortably work from home, particularly SMEs but also for the large clients.

Transaction banking has seen some disruptions in the last few years.
I really believe that this is probably the right best of place in the banking industry now after what had happened in the consumer banking part for disruption.
Technology is going to play a massive role in changing the way transaction banking has been done. The traditional way of doing trade with bundles of documents, lots of stamps, folders, papers, check chops and all that kind of stuff.
These days are gone. The future is 100% digital, driven by APIs, driven by data, driven by A.I. and machine learning. And most importantly, driven by having the best customer journey.

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