The role of AI in building resilience & managing business disruption in 2021


The role of AI in building resilience & managing business disruption in 2021

Salla Franzén, Chief Data Scientist, SEB, talks to FinextraTV about her predictions for 2021 taking into account the shock of the pandemic, how banks are putting building resilience and managing business disruption at the top of their agendas, where AI will be incorporated here and what other trends can we expect to emerge in the year ahead around AI.

The Trends Shaping The Future of Retail in 2021 Sessions & Building Retail Resilience

From the Future of Retail 2021 Sessions: PSFK Partner/President of Research & Strategy Scott Lachut shares how retailers can build resilience in 2021 and beyond by focusing on securing the infrastructure and culture to pivot at a moment’s notice and respond to changes affecting consumers and the market.

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Building Resilience for Today and Tomorrow

The global economy is experiencing multiple, unprecedented shocks. The impact of the pandemic is still being felt, while the war in Ukraine has triggered sharp increases in food and energy prices, exacerbating inflationary pressures. All of this has left vulnerable populations, especially in low-income countries, particularly hard hit. This confluence of forces calls for a strong, pro-active approach by the Fund through policy advice and financial support, but also through resources that help strengthen institutions and human capital. Such capacity building will be necessary to respond to short-term shocks as well as bolster resilient economic institutions to tackle long-term challenges such as climate change. IMF technical assistance and training, and the partnerships underpinning these activities, must play a central role in both of those areas. This event featuring Fund staff, partner representatives, and member countries will highlight the important role that IMF capacity development can play in supporting members in these challenging times.

Building resilience in manufacturing in transient times

At the latest episode of Mint Think Tank, titled ‘Can India become a Global manufacturing hub by 2030?’, powered by Salesforce, Rajkumar Ravuri, Director Industry Strategy – Manufacturing, Salesforce, spoke about how manufacturers can leverage technology to build business resilience in the times of change.

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DISRUPT 2022 – Industry Keynote: AI & Automation

Recording from #Disrupt2022. Barry Webb from #BGL Insurance joins Sabio’s Stuart Dorman to discuss #AI & #Automation. #cx #speechrecognition #voicebots #chatbots #peoplefirst #agents #contactcentre

The Role of Banking in Suriname


The Role of Banking in Suriname

Eblein Frangie, CEO, Finabank speaks about the banking industry in Suriname, Finabank's vision and the role banking plays in society today, and how Finabank is partnering with Temenos to make banking better.

Role Of Commercial Banks In Economic Development

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Central Bank and Its Functions in Nepali || Grade 12 || Economics

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Montetair beleid Centrale Bank Suriname. Financien Actueel.

CEMLA “Financial economic Educational Experiment” completed succesfully

On Friday, 2nd of August 2019, the Central Bank of Suriname successfully completed the Financial-economic Education Experiment, which was performed in collaboration with the Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos (CEMLA).