Transitioning to digitally powered, end-to-end, platform-driven corporate banking


Transitioning to digitally powered, end-to-end, platform-driven corporate banking

Torsten Pull, Senior Vice President, General Manager Corporate Banking, Finastra, speaks about Finastra’s latest corporate banking research ahead of Finastra Universe. We learn about moving beyond the traditional relationship model and what it takes to transition to digitally powered, end-to-end, platform-driven corporate banking post-pandemic.

What happened to OneNote? ��

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Microsoft announced that support for OneNote for Windows 10 will end in October 2025 together with Windows 10. In this video I’ll explain what this means for anyone who uses OneNote. Including: What are the different OneNote versions? Which OneNote version do you have? Which OneNote version should you be using? Why is your OneNote missing some features and how can you get these features? What’s the difference between OneNote 2016, OneNote for Windows 11, OneNote online and OneNote for Windows 10 and what is the “latest” version of OneNote?

00:00 Is Microsoft Retiring OneNote?
00:28 The History of OneNote
03:48 Find Out Which Version You Have
04:05 The NEW OneNote App
07:17 Should You Switch?
07:55 Wrap Up

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2021 Corporate Banking Outlook

The expectation for speed, agility and a digital experience is only continuing to increase. Finastra is here to help you meet the demands of Corporate Banking in 2021. Learn more here:

The Transition from Broker to Banker Key Considerations

In this webinar, experts from Independent Financial and Richey May cover what you can expect from this transition including how the warehouse lender views the banker, the economic entity principle when talking about net worth and liquidity, and the accounting implications surrounding this transition. They will also give you tips on how your CPA and warehouse lender can help advise you through this difficult process.

He Tried To Mess With A Royal Guard & Big Mistake

Royal guards might not be the scariest guards in the world, but what makes them formidable is their devotion to their work. Many people try to make fun of these guards, but if anyone crosses a line, a royal guard won’t hesitate before taking action. So today, we’ll be investigating why you should never get on a Royal Guards’ bad side.

➤Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Royal Guards…

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